Set in the suite of the Regal Hotel, Communicating Doors is comedy thriller spanning several decades through a unique set of doors and some very determined women. When the not so lady-like Poopay stumbles into something she shouldn't, she convinces her rivals to help her make things right.

Jack Smith as Julian
Lisa Dawn Curran as Poopay
Rich Kropp as Reece
Tina Shelley as Ruella
Ken Kaden as Harold
Rachelle Kates as Jessica

**For performance dates and times, see our flyer

Audition Info
7:00 PM
@Village Theatre Guild

Reece, a businessman, age 30 and 70
Jessica, his first wife, age 25 and 45
Ruella, his second wife, age 45
Julian, his business associate, age 45 and 65
Phoebe (Poopay), a prostitute, age 33
Harold, a house detective, age 35 and 55

(director will be flexible with ages, but actors will need to be able to play within listed age ranges)

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.
Accents/dialects are not required for auditions.
Callbacks (if required) will be Tuesday, Aug 22nd @ 7PM

Please contact Lisa Dolnics for scripts and any other information.

Harold Ruella Poopay p37-39.pdf
Harold Ruella Poopay p81-84.pdf
Jessica Harold Ruella p65-67.pdf
Jessica Ruella Poopay p100-102.pdf
Julian Reece p55-57.pdf
Julian Poopay p23-26.pdf
Poopay Reece p13-15.pdf
Poopay Reece Julian p8-12.pdf
Reece Poopay p31-33.pdf
Reece Poopay p108-111.pdf

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